PPC Case Study: Education Telecommunications Company Sees 96% Increase in Leads



Industry: Education/Telecommunications

Location: McLean, VA

Company Bio

Kajeet specializes in providing Internet-powered connectivity solutions to educational institutions.


“Thanks to targeting recommendations from Megethos, our cost-per-lead from Google Ads was greatly reduced. They also created a framework for an extremely successful LinkedIn campaign“

– Erica S. Marketing Manager, Kajeet

Decrease in Cost per Lead


Conversion Rate Lift


Lead Increase


The Challenge

A B2B client struggled with lead volume and wanted to increase cost effectiveness and improve lead quality.

The Approach

We first had to develop an understanding of the client's customer journey & sales process, which we used to build a full funnel strategy focused on strategic lead generation tactics and brand awareness.

“The Megethos team was extremely communicative and readily explained their decision-making process.“

– Erica S., Marketing Manager, Kajeet

The Solution

Clean Data: Prior to making any major changes, we performed a full conversion tracking audit making sure all tracking systems were set up properly, not double counting and the foundation was clean. Essentially, we found that some of the clients leads were not being tracked due to form issues.

SKAG Campaign Restructure: After conducting an audit, we found that restructuring their ad campaigns, implementing more targeted keyword match types, properly organizing ad-groups, and rewriting ad-copy would instantly increase click-through rate, improve quality scores, and increase lead quality.

LinkedIn Ads:  With brand awareness and a B2B client in mind, we acknowledged that the best course of action was to start advertising within LinkedIn. With the client’s approval, we implemented a prospecting and lead generation display campaign towards a targeted audience and set up an integration to pass leads straight to their CRM.

The Results

lift in conversion rate
Increase in Leads
Decrease in Cost per Lead

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