PPC Case Study: DoubleDutch Sees $1 Million+ in Deal Value From Paid Media in 6 Months



Industry: SaaS

Location: San Francisco, CA

Company Bio

DoubleDutch is a leader in the event tech industry, providing premium registration and branded mobile apps for enterprise events.


“The Megethos team has been diligent and results-driven from the start. They listen first, then they provide valuable insights and pathways forward.“

– Taylor McLoughlin Director of Marketing, DoubleDutch

Deal Value


Conversion Rate Lift


Lead Increase


The Challenge

DoubleDutch’s goal was simple: scale their paid media by driving Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs). While this was straight forward enough, they had 3 main challenges when we discussed their paid media plan. First, they lacked historical data on non-brand paid search, which forced us to be extremely thorough in our keyword research. Second, DoubleDutch had just switched to using HubSpot and did not have clean data from paid channels to understand their actual ROI. For Megethos to reach the goal of driving SQLs, proper tracking and reporting was critical to the success of the campaigns. Lastly, the campaigns needed relevant, conversion focused landing pages to make the most of their budget.

The Approach

Our approach is one that we establish with all of our clients: tracking leads all the way through the sales process and optimizing our strategy based on actual sales and revenue. With DoubleDutch, this was no different. We implemented an integrated paid media strategy to deliver results.

“We had to really take a step back and learn their sales cycle and determine what made a good lead. From there, it came down to pure optimization“

– Keegan Brown, Director of Strategy

The Solution

Megethos Tracking: Once we were able to see leads from paid channels in the clients reporting, we thoroughly analyzed their data on a bi-weekly basis to determine which keywords, channels, and ads were generating real opportunities for their sales team.

PPC Landing Pages: In efforts to increase conversion rate, lower cost per acquisition, and improve quality score, we implemented PPC dedicated landing pages to begin A/B testing for their top campaigns.

LinkedIn Ads: While paid search was being used to capture bottom-of-the-funnel audiences, we launched LinkedIn lead gen ads to promote DoubleDutch’s content assets and generate qualified leads at the top and middle of the funnel.

The Results

lift in conversion rate
in deals from paid media
lift in SQLs from LinkedIn

The only part that matters – the results. After just 6 months, our overall paid media strategy delivered over $1 million in associated deals. Our LinkedIn lead gen forms increased qualified leads by 29% while increasing leads from paid social by 300%. Through conversion focused landing pages our conversion rate for paid media increased by 40%, driving down cost per lead and maximizing DoubleDutch’s budget.

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