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Megethos delivers validated, automated, and real-time dashboards that take the guesswork out of performance tracking.

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Digital Marketing Performance Dashboards Are Our Specialty

With the pressure to continually prove ROI on marketing spend, as well as the pressure to either close or widen the gap between competitors, companies that engage in digital marketing must wade through immense amounts of data to understand what’s working now to estimate what will work even better in the future. This kind of intelligence is not easy to digest from spreadsheets and reports.
What’s needed is a central hub of information that cuts through the noise to provide historical and real-time insights that matter most to your specific digital marketing goals, objectives, and activities. What’s needed is a digital marketing dashboard that provides 360-degree visibility across multiple channels and data sources. What’s needed is a single source of truth that generates insights (and value) from disparate data points, even with imperfect data. What’s needed is what Megethos delivers.
  • Tested, validated, and fully automated marketing dashboards
  • Customized based on client-specific goals, objectives, and activities
  • Powerful data visualizations make sense of complex datasets
  • 360-degree visibility across multiple channels and data sources
  • CRM integration for revenue tracking and ROI monitoring

“Megethos delivers the best reporting I’ve seen from a paid media agency.”

– Kayla Tarantino, Demand Generation Manager, DoubleDutch

End-to-End Campaign Analytics Dashboards Across Your Entire Digital Marketing Footprint

Our analytics team is consistently tasked with surfacing the most relevant and important data-backed insights to help our clients make data-driven decisions that maximize digital marketing ROI. Given the width and breadth of the clients we work with, our dashboards are not limited in size or scope to any single channel or data source.

Our custom reporting and performance monitoring dashboards are designed to provide end-to-end visibility across your entire digital marketing footprint. No matter where you are advertising, how you are driving leads, or what channels and tactics are most important to your growth strategy, Megethos can design, develop, and deploy any type of performance dashboard you need to improve performance.

  • Web analytics dashboards
  • Paid media/PPC dashboards
  • eCommerce marketing dashboards
  •  Email marketing dashboards
  •  Social media dashboards
  • Content marketing dashboards
  • Web analytics dashboards
  • Paid media/PPC dashboards
  • eCommerce marketing dashboards
  •  Email marketing dashboards
  •  Social media dashboards
  • Content marketing dashboards

How We Tackle Digital Marketing Reporting Dashboards

We employ a five-stage approach to dashboard development to ensure a holistic (and validated) view of marketing performance across digital channels:

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We kick things off with an in-depth discovery session to learn your digital marketing goals, objectives, and activities so we can design and develop a dashboard that is tailor-made to your specific needs. We also assist in developing KPIs to ensure our dashboards measure what matters most to your business.



Next, our analytics experts get to work bringing together disparate data sources (Google Analytics, Google Ads, HubSpot, Salesforce, etc.) to integrate multiple information sources into a single source of truth across your entire digital marketing footprint.

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Once we are fully aligned on data sources and KPIs, our experts take a rigorous and methodical approach to ensure the dashboard is 100% accurate. Our comprehensive approach to data validation gives you complete confidence in the integrity of the results you are seeing so you can have complete confidence making data-driven decisions.

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Our diligence doesn’t stop once the dashboard is deployed. Our team of analytics experts carefully monitor data integrations and end points to ensure dashboard stability and reliability. Other agencies may “set it and forget it,” but we prefer to be more rigorous and disciplined in our approach to quality assurance.

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For ongoing performance marketing engagements (see our paid media management services) we provide weekly/monthly reporting calls to help you interpret the data and leverage insights to drive performance across your entire digital marketing ecosystem. We will also add new features and functionality to your dashboard as your goals change or as your performance marketing tactics evolve across multiple channels.

What Separates Our Performance Reporting Services?

We Combine the Art and Science of Data Visualization – If dashboards were just about raw numbers, we would be in the business of spreadsheets. But great dashboards simplify data analysis by providing insights and business intelligence at a glance. Our dashboards are built on the principle of data visualization to provide you with an accessible way to see, understand, and leverage data trends, outliers, and patterns.

Dashboards are Central to Everything We Do – As a performance marketing agency, intuitive and data-rich campaign analytics dashboards aren’t just nice to have; they are mission-critical. Other agencies may offer dashboards as a value-add service or upsell opportunity, but at Megethos they are the foundation of everything we do for our clients and for ourselves.

Our Success is Measured, not Made Up – As a paid media management agency, clients trust us with millions of dollars in media spend each year. Understandably, there is no room for estimations, approximations, or guesses in our line of work. We are experts when it comes to campaign analytics dashboards because our success ultimately depends on our ability to prove out ROI.

Case Studies Highlight Our Dashboards and Reporting Services

One of the keys to our success is being able to organize, analyze, and interpret massive amounts of campaign data to help optimize budgets and campaign tactics for maximum ROI. These case studies illustrate how we are able to capture and synthesize complex data to drive significant results for our clients through our bespoke, tailor-made digital marketing dashboards.

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