Data-Driven Paid Search Management

You wouldn’t trust an intern to do your accounting, why trust them with your paid search spend? Let the data-junkies at Megethos manage your Google Ads and Bing campaigns.

Paid Advertising in Google Ads

Your Adwords campaigns are about to get easier.  

Google Ads, previously Adwords, is a BEAST to learn. We have years of experience managing paid search campaigns in Google so you can put down the manual, and get back to your already busy schedule. Our team is composed of paid advertising experts who can manage your:

Google search campaigns

Shopping campaigns in Google

Google Display campaigns

App campaigns in Google


We’re Google partners; we know our s&*%.


Paid Advertising in Google Ads

Google isn't the only search engine in town. What is your company doing on Bing?  

Paid Advertising in Bing

We’re also Bing partners; Bing advertising is essential — why put all of your eggs in one basket? Mixing your presence between Google and Bing leads to the maximum results.  We manage: 

Search ads in Bing

Bing shopping campaigns

We are dedicated to being the best in our field.

Our approach to paid search optimization scientifically diagnoses what your PPC campaigns are lacking.

Our strategic Google Ads and Bing Ads services include...


Continuous paid search testing to increase ad performance


Ongoing keyword research and negative keyword strategy to optimize spend

Ad Copy Optimization

Extensive ad copy optimization and development to maximize ad relevancy

Geo Targeting

Comprehensive geo-targeting strategies to capture your audience

Budget Pacing

Budget management to maximize your return.

Landing Pages

Landing page services offered for the best possible conversion rates

Your PPC Campaigns Can Do Better.

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