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People use search engines to find, well, just about everything. You might even have found us by searching “paid search management agency” on Google or Bing (we’re glad you did). But with more companies investing in content marketing and paid advertising, search result pages have become more competitive than ever. Fortunately, Megethos can give you an edge.

Our paid search management experts can help drive relevant traffic to your website or landing pages that is likely to convert into leads or sales. By focusing on high-intent, high-impact keywords and search queries, we serve up engaging ads to people who are searching for the products or services you offer. The right message, the right audience, the right time—that’s the secret to paid search success, and it’s how we’ve achieved stellar results for our clients.

Leveraging years of experience running paid search advertising campaigns, combined with our data-driven approach and ROI-focused strategies, Megethos develops and oversees bespoke PPC search strategies that outperform the rest. If you want to secure prime real estate on search results pages for the most valuable keywords, let Megethos show you the way.

  • Text and shopping ads
  • Google, Bing, and Yahoo search campaigns
  • Laser-focused targeting strategies
  • International, multi-language search campaigns
  • Advanced, ROI-driven bidding strategies
  • A/B testing and conversion rate optimization
  • Paid search analytics and reporting
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“Before the engagement, we spent $30 per acquisition.They immediately optimized that number to $13 per acquisition, and has recently gotten it down to $7–$8.”

– Keith Eneix CEO

Our Paid Search Management Approach

Paid search marketing campaigns vary in scope and complexity, but our approach is the same regardless of your audience, budget, or campaign goals. Our PPC management experts are methodical and deliberate at every stage of the journey, from setup and launch to monitoring and optimization. Our approach ensures long-term success, so you can continue to drive significant ROI from your paid search efforts, quarter after quarter, year after year.

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As part of the discovery phase, our PPC team will perform an exhaustive 50-point audit that looks at conversion tracking, campaign structure, foundational setup, ad copy, demographics, audiences, ad spend, and opportunities to scale. Oftentimes, this initial audit will reveal tweaks and adjustments that can net significant results even before we fully deploy our paid search strategy.

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During the setup and discovery phase, we’ll also analyze historical performance data from your existing paid search campaigns to see what you’ve tried, what’s worked, and what’s underperformed. We’ll also perform exhaustive keyword research and analysis to identify prime keywords and phrases your audience is searching for.

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Armed with data and insights, our PPC team now gets to work developing a robust paid search advertising strategy that will meet your business goals, if not exceed them by a wide margin. We will present our documented paid search strategy and adjust as necessary until you give us the green light to launch.

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Houston, we have ignition. Once we are aligned on KPIs, keywords, ad copy, conversion funnels, and search budget, we will fully build out the campaigns and make sure they launch smoothly. Megethos has launched hundreds of successful PPC search campaigns, so you can rest easy knowing your campaign is in the hands of experienced professionals.



With all of the effort and dollars put into paid search advertising, it’s important for us to know exactly how campaigns are performing in real-time. Thanks to our foundation setup and pre-launch audit, we can guarantee accurate tracking across your campaigns, from first click to last conversion. Best of all, we build custom reporting dashboards so you can see how your campaigns are performing, too.

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Budget optimization is an ongoing effort. It’s also one of the most complex aspects of effective, scalable, and sustainable paid search management. Fortunately, Megethos has years of experience optimizing daily budgets and individual keyword bids, so we can promise your campaigns will always perform with maximum efficiency for maximum ROI.

Why Our Paid Search Specialists are the Best

PPC management agencies are everywhere these days, and more are popping up all the time. But just because everyone claims to do it doesn’t mean everyone knows how to do it well. Megethos is different. Paid media is our entire focus, and we’ve built our agency around best-in-class processes and best-in-class PPC experts to deliver the best results for our clients.
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PPC Knowledge – Megethos is not new to the game, and neither are the PPC experts who will be assigned to your account. Our paid search team is comprised of seasoned veterans who have been managing PPC campaigns for many years. We leverage the combined knowledge and experience of our team to instantly take your paid search campaigns to the next level.


Data-Driven – When thousands or millions of dollars in paid search budget are on the line, there’s no room for gut feelings and best guesses. At Megethos, we rely on data and analytics to steer the ship, not opinions or hunches. Our data-driven approach means we deliver and oversee paid search strategies that are laser-focused on driving results.

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ROI-Focused – Speaking of results, our focus is on maximizing your paid search budget to get the most bang for every buck. However you measure success, Megethos will align our paid search strategies to ensure your goals are met, if not exceeded. And because we obsessively monitor and report on your PPC search campaign’s performance, you will never have to guess how your dollars are being spent or the ROI they are generating.

See Our Paid Search Expertise for Yourself

A lot of paid media management agencies talk big game, but we actually have the receipts to back up our claims. These case studies illustrate the levels of success we’ve been able to accomplish on behalf of our PPC clients, and give you a glimpse into the kind of results (and ROI) you can expect when you work with us.

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