Conversion Rate Optimization

Convert More Traffic

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is the fastest way to generate more leads, more sales, and better ROI when you already getting traffic to your site. Megethos uses state-of-the-art  behavioral, analytics, and experimentation tools to increase the efficiency of your current traffic.


Conversion Research

We analyze and visualize your data to determine the who, what, where, and how users convert on your site.


Behavior Analysis

Tools like heatmaps, scroll depth, and funnel visualization, help us determine the behaviors of who is a customer & who isn’t.


A/B Testing

From mockup to implementation, we develop A/B tests to use data to drive our changes.


Funnel Creation

We not only optimize the user journey on your site, we build them too! We build funnels from first visit – to conversion – to advocacy – all on your site.


Hypothesis Creation

Experiments are only as good as they hypothesis and research supporting it. We use data from every possible point to develop a ROI driven hypothesis.


Post-Test Analysis

We won’t just tell you what wins and what loses. We learn from each and every test and show how we can apply those insights to make you more money.

You Don't Need More Traffic.

Let Us Show You Why.

Clear Reporting. Clear ROI.

You have 24/7 access to your personal performance dashboard giving you all your metrics you need in real-time. In addition, you will receive multiple reports per month including full analysis of campaign performance. We’re not like the others that hold you data hostage. You don’t have to worry about us hiding behind “proprietary software and processes”. You own your data and your ad accounts as assets of your business.

Process for Growth

If you’re not looking to grow your business, what is your marketing for? We are serious when we talk about growing businesses. Every month we will have growth strategy sessions where we will provide you with the best opportunities for growth with forecasted results. This allows you to make informed business decisions based on the most up-to-date data, historical performance and industry trends.

Proven Growth

These growth meetings have proven to increase sales, revenue and ROI for our clients by constant testing and measurement. Most recently, an international ecommerce client of ours has increased their revenue 1,941% year-over-year from paid search.  That’s not a mistake. That 1,941% increase came from consistently taking advantage of data-supported opportunities.

International Ecommerce Performance