Google AdWords Management Services

In the current digital world of 2018, pay per click (PPC) remains one of the most preferred marketing techniques with SEO a close second. However, it takes a lot more strategy than just paying for AdWords on Google. The entire process of PPC management has to be strategic from the conceptualization stage with a well defined process, content selection and clear deliverables.

Besides the design and implementation phase, managing and overseeing the entire process is a tough task which requires the help of an experienced and a professional implementation agency. Although there are standard softwares that can be used to perform the initial tasks such as AdWords generation, keyword research and analysis, it is advisable to involve a reputable digital partner with case studies who will guide you through essential processes such as designing the campaign structure, ad copy oversight, and optimizing ad bidding.

A Google AdWords management campaign will only be effective if:

  • You have the right choice of AdWords which determines what will be displayed on the end user website or application. 
  • The keywords are well defined and placed within the business campaign (or campaigns). This determines how the content will be ranked in the search engines. Well researched keywords should be able to at least place your business campaign on the first page of the search engines and give you top level exposure.  
  • The campaign conversion rate offers the best ROI. This means that the campaign structure should engage the user from the ad display with a call-to-action and closure. The landing page should be easy and guiding into the desired action.

With combined years of industry experience, we offer expert advertising solutions. Our custom services offer Google AdWords management making the entire process seamless, easy to use and very effective to maximize your ROI. We highly believe that all of our clients should get the best value for every cent spend on your PPC campaign.

Our solution is designed on three key elements.

  1. AdWords Creation

The ultimate campaign goal is only achievable with identification, selection and development of the specific targeted AdWords. We pride ourselves on being analytics-driven and asking the right questions first in order to make sure that we understand what the customer specific needs are. This guides us through the process of identifying the optimal AdWords requirements and applicable creation strategies. We then craft different sets of AdWords and engage you in drafting the final fit.

The ads creation process includes generation of multiple words variations  aimed at giving you the best reach and high conversion rate with minimal investment.

Besides the campaign goals, several other factors may determine the structure of your campaign AdWords. Some of the key determining factors include the type of product or service, the sales funnel, your target audience, desired ad placement among others. We will work with you through the process from a concept to measure of results.

  1. Keywords Research And Analysis

It is very important to have insights into the AdWords market, specifically the target market for your campaign. The market knowledge not only determines the choice of AdWords but also influences the keywords bidding process. The most critical aspect is understanding your competitors and designing a campaign that will give you a competitive advantage within the digital space.

The search engines will use defined algorithm to display business advertisements on different platforms users based on the keywords selected and how well they are optimized for specific targets. We have sufficient data to provide a comprehensive analysis of different business players within the digital space and the keywords analysis report can be tailored to your unique business needs enabling you to design a well informed campaign and achieve substantial success. Working with your business from the very initial stages will guide us through determining the best keywords to use in the AdWords campaign design process.

The initial keywords research and analysis process is key for market entry but the process will require constant revision due the versatile nature of the digital spectrum will always change fueled by different players introducing and modifying keywords every fraction of a second. It is crucial to keep a consistent level of performance by monitoring the competition and areas of placement. With proper analysis and management you should be able to get substantial traffic to your site and ultimately generate leads and possibly convert a portion of the leads to possible sales.

  1. Landing Pages Design And Optimization

We use our in-house design team and tools to provide you with the best business graphics, content and links. With the AdWords created and the keywords well defined, the user must be directed to an equally effective landing page. We work with you through the process of creating a page that will influence the customer to your call-to-action – whether that’s making a phone ring, submitting a form, and everything in between.

The most important thing is to convert the user from a potential to a lead and if possible a consumer of your product or service.