Megethos Proves Effective Through Clutch’s Platform

Megethos Proves Effective Through Clutch’s Platform

We’re a marketing company that live and breathe PPC and we think it’s a crucial aspect of digital marketing. Just like this Forbes article says, No Pay, No Gain. That’s why as a PPC agency we’re growing – having just moved into a new office space and we’re hiring!

That being said, there is something to say about other forms of marketing. Clutch’s research says that 62% of business decision makers rely on online reviews before deciding whether to work with a business service company.

That’s why we took to the ratings and reviews platform and created a Clutch profile. Yes, we still love PPC as a marketing outlet, but Clutch collecting detailed case-study reviews from our clients all for free is pretty amazing. We’ve collected four 5/5 star reviews on their platform. The perfect rating is great, but what’s even better is the project detail that a Clutch review provides. Our first review reads at over 400 words long! This reviewer noted,


“They’re highly proactive and dedicated to being the best in their field.”

Another reviewer, the business manager of a software company said,

“I really appreciated that he kept track of our keywords and was continuously testing them for us.”

Our stellar reviews and strong focus on PPC services has made us as a the top PPC company in the Phoenix area! Clutch’s sister company has also featured us as a top PPC agency in Phoenix and we could not be more excited

So, Bottom Line:

-PPC is an extremely important part of digital marketing

-According to our Clutch reviews, Megethos can deliver great PPC results for your business

-If you’re a business service company and you’re not using their free platform to collect review, then start!


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