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Digital Media Ad Creative That Drives Results

Paid social and programmatic display campaigns rely on engaging ads that attract attention and clicks. Even with the best targeting and bidding strategies in place, paid media campaigns can severely underperform if the visual creative component is not perfectly dialed in. That’s why best-in-class digital media ad designers rely on data and analytics to drive creative as much as rely on brand guidelines and aesthetics—because it’s one thing to assume an ad looks good, and another to know how your audience is actually responding to it online.

Our visual artists understand the principles of good design better than most, but more importantly they understand how to leverage data and analytics to make informed design decisions that can have huge impacts on the KPIs that matter.

Megethos’ creative services support paid media campaigns across the web, including social media and display networks. Our designers produce high-converting paid media ads in a variety of formats (static, dynamic, HTML5, etc.) that help businesses see noticeable improvements in campaign performance. If you want to level-up your paid media campaigns, let Megethos help you serve up eye-catching ads that your audience can’t help but engage with.

  • In-house digital media designers
  • Conversion-focused paid media ads
  • Multiple ad types and formats
  • Omnichannel ad creative
  • A/B testing and optimization
  • Ad creative analytics and reporting
“In a challenging industry, they offered the perfect combination of creativity and knowhow.”
– Stu Waters, Director of Lead Gen, Green Bits

Our Approach to Paid Media Ad Design

As a successful paid media management agency, Megethos has years of experience designing ads that get results. The reason our ads work is because we adhere to strict processes and are methodical in our approach. Throughout our engagement—whether it’s an ad-hoc project or in support on ongoing managed paid media campaigns—we focus every step on figuring out exactly what your audience wants to see, so we can design high-converting ads that deliver significant ROI. 

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The first step is to gather information about your audience, branding, and competitors to inform our ad designs and copy. In addition to what you provide us, our team also looks across the web and combs through all the data we can find to determine what ad creative and copy is most likely to resonate with your audience.

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After the discovery phase, our team will brainstorm different design possibilities to open up new opportunities for your creative ads. Our ad creative strategy will also take into account your paid media strategy and digital marketing funnel as a whole, to make sure our designs complement everything your brand is doing online.

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Once you approve the vision and direction of the campaign creative, we will create detailed mockups for your review. At Megethos, we believe the best results are the product of collaboration between our team and yours, so we welcome your feedback at this stage to help us create something everyone feels good about.



We don’t just set your ads loose into the world and hope they hit the mark. Instead, we carefully monitor ad performance and use advanced testing strategies to determine how your ads are being received. Our data-driven approach is one of our biggest differentiators, and its why our digital media ad creative outperforms our competitors.

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Leveraging the data and insights our team gathers, we continuously develop and test hypotheses to ensure most optimal ad performance. Other ad creative agencies have a “set it and forget it” attitude, but we prefer A/B testing and continuous optimization. Our relentless approach to ad creative testing and optimization is a key component in the success of our designs.

Why Brands Hire Megethos for Digital Media Ad Creative Services

There are many reasons why businesses partner with Megethos for creative design services. Whether we are complementing a brand’s internal design teams or acting as their sole design resource, working on a off-off campaign creative project or continuously designing new ads as part of a long-term paid media management engagement, Megethos is the creative partner of choice for companies that to take their digital campaigns to the next level.

Dedicated In-House Designers – We don’t outsource or subcontract any of the design work you entrust with us. We keep everything in-house so we can provide greater quality assurance. This also guarantees that everything we learn about your brand and audience during the discovery phase will be reflected in the paid media ads we create for your campaigns.

Paid Media Ad Design Experience – Paid media ads follow a different set of rules than other types of media assets. Design agencies that don’t specialize in paid media ads might miss the nuances and subtleties of what makes a great highly engaging and high-converting ad. At Megethos, we know the secrets of high-performing paid media ads, and we put them to work for our clients.

Proven Paid Media Performance – Megethos knows the ins and outs of PPC marketing, and we have the results to prove it. Because we can point to specific ad creative we’ve developed and show the impact the assets had on a campaign performance and ROI, brands trust our capabilities more than unproven design agencies or freelance artists.

Some of our work:

See Examples of Our Creative Ads—and Learn How They Helped Drive Amazing Results for our Clients

A lot of paid media management agencies talk big game, but we actually have the receipts to back up our claims. These case studies illustrate the levels of success we’ve been able to accomplish on behalf of our PPC clients, and give you a glimpse into the kind of results (and ROI) you can expect when you work with us.

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