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We’ve perfected the art and science of social media advertising, so you get seen where your audience is

Social Media Advertising, Perfected

You know your audience is on social media, but the question is how do you engage them with the right message at the right time to turn them into leads or customers? The answer is paid social advertising.

The highly targeted nature of paid social campaigns makes it possible to serve up ads to the people most likely to convert at the most opportune time in their buying journey. But there are a lot of nuances to paid social advertising, and it’s easy to become frustrated or underwhelmed with the results if you don’t have everything dialed in perfectly. Megethos can help.

If you want to level-up your social media outreach and turn Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other platforms into lead-generating, revenue-producing engines for your business, Megethos can show you the way. We’ve spent years managing paid social media campaigns for businesses across a variety of industries, and we’ve honed our skills to deliver the most effective and impactful paid social media strategies for our clients.

Regardless of your industry, audience, or budget, Megethos can help you leverage the full power of social media to generate high quality leads and sales from targeted campaigns on any social network.

  • All social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.)
  • Static and dynamic social media ads
  • Laser-focused audience targeting
  • Multi-language paid social campaigns
  • Advanced, ROI-driven bidding strategies
  • A/B testing and conversion rate optimization
  • Paid social analytics and reporting
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“The Megethos team has been diligent and results-driven from the start. They listen first, then they provide valuable insights and pathways forward.“
– Taylor McLoughlin Director of Marketing, DoubleDutch

The Megethos Approach to Paid Social Management

Thankfully, our team is comprised of artists and scientists (even if they are self-proclaimed) who’ve mastered the nuances of each social media network. Our proven social media advertising approach drives significant ROI for our clients, and we can help you achieve similar results, too.

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To set the stage, our team will perform an in-depth audit that looks at your existing campaign structure, ad creative and copy, audience targeting, bidding strategies, conversion tracking, and other platform-specific items to ensure everything is setup properly and identify quick fixes for immediate improvement. We like to look under the hood at first to ensure we are setup for success later on.

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At the same time we are conducting our audit, we’ll also comb through historical performance data to see what’s working, what missed the mark, and how your audience is behaving. Our paid social analysts are experts at collecting and interpreting meaningful data that might otherwise be missed on less-experienced marketers.

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Armed with data and insights, our paid social team will develop a robust and laser-focused strategy designed to convince and convert your target audience. The strategy will encompass all of the nuances of each social network we’re advertising on and will include proposed ad creative, targeting parameters, landing pages, tracking setup, and more. Think of this as your customized roadmap to paid social media dominance.

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With your approval, we will build out all of the aspects of the campaign, including ad creative and copy, and then deploy them on your audience. We’ve launched hundreds of successful paid social media campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social media networks, which means you can sit back and relax knowing your campaign is in the hands of professionals.



Most companies don’t have time to consistently monitor the performance of their paid social campaigns. That’s why Megethos is here. After launch, our team will keep close tabs on everything happening across your campaigns so we know what’s happening in real-time. And thanks to our foundation setup and pre-launch audit, we can guarantee accurate tracking across your campaigns, from first click to last conversion.

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Once your paid social strategy is underway, the real work is just beginning. We optimize everything, from audience targeting parameters to ad copy, to continually drive higher ROI. Our paid social team also uses advanced bidding strategies to drive results while minimizing your cost per desired action, so you can stretch your marketing budget further without sacrificing revenue or lead quality.

How We’re Different from Other Paid Social Management Agencies

There are a lot of PPC agencies that provide paid social media management, but few can compete with Megethos in terms of our capabilities, and none (as far as we’re concerned) can compete with our approach. We’ve built our agency around best-in-class paid social processes and people to deliver stellar results for our clients.

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In-House Creative Services – Megethos is your one-stop-shop for all aspects of paid social media, including ad creative. Social media advertising is driven by engaging imagery and dynamic ad types, which is why we’ve built a stellar design team to help our clients stand out and get noticed on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or anywhere else they are advertising.

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Multi-Platform Expertise – It’s unlikely you’re audience is only on one social media platform, so why limit yourself to an agency that only specializes in a select few networks? Megethos has experience developing and implementing paid social campaigns across all the most popular platforms—Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn—as well as social media networks that other agencies are less familiar with, like Reddit, Snapchat, and Pinterest. Wherever your audience is, we’ll make sure you get seen.

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ROI-Focused Campaigns – At Megethos, our focus is on maximizing your paid social media budget to boost your ROI. And because we obsessively monitor and report on your paid social advertising performance, you will never have to guess how your dollars are being spent or the ROI they are generating. We understand you aren’t spending money to advertise on social media just for the vanity metrics; you demand results, and we so do we.

Case Studies Prove We Know Paid Social

One of the keys to our success is being able to organize, analyze, and interpret massive amounts of campaign data to help optimize budgets and campaign tactics for maximum ROI. These case studies illustrate how we utilize Google Analytics to provide us (and our clients) with powerful insights to support a successful digital marketing strategy.

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