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Intelligent audience targeting helps you reach prospects and customers most likely to convert across the web

Megethos Knows Programmatic Display Advertising

As digital media advertising continues to evolve, the capabilities at your disposal become increasingly more sophisticated and impactful. Unfortunately, they can also become more complex and confusing. Case in point: programmatic display advertising.

Combining aspects of machine learning, artificial intelligence, advanced analytics, and real-time bidding, programmatic display is the most advanced (and arguably the most effective) way to serve up ads to the right people, at the right time, for the right price. But there can be a steep learning curve for inexperienced marketers just getting into programmatic display, and even some PPC “experts” struggle to fully make sense of programmatic display tools, platforms, and processes.

Megethos can help. We are a performance marketing agency that specializes in programmatic display ad management. We use strict processes and advanced technology to ensure your display campaigns are delivered with surgical precision. We specialize in omnichannel digital marketing campaigns, so we can ensure your programmatic display strategy fully complements and supports what you are doing elsewhere.

If you want to unlock the full power and potential of programmatic display advertising to reach target audiences across the web who are most likely to convert, Megethos can help you get there. We design, develop, and oversee full-funnel programmatic display campaigns that lower costs and increase ROI. Get in touch to learn how.

  • Multiple ad types and formats
  • Multi-network approach
  • Advanced targeting capabilities
  • B2B/B2C display advertising campaigns
  • Real-time, ROI-driven budget optimization
  • A/B testing and conversion rate optimization
  • Full-funnel attribution tracking
  • Programmatic display analytics and reporting
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“Megethos has been a pleasure to work with…we were able to increase account performance by 1.4x“
– George Fang, Growth Marketing Manager, Heap

How We Tackle Programmatic Display

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We begin with an in-depth discovery process to understand your business, your audience, and your goals. We ask the right questions and look at the right data to ensure your programmatic display strategy delivers the impact and results you’re looking for.

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Programmatic display campaigns are only as effective as the strategies behind them. That’s why we develop comprehensive strategies tailored to each client’s needs, goals, and objectives, so we can ensure that each campaign is dialed in to deliver maximum ROI.

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Compelling and engaging ads are critical to the success of any programmatic display campaign. Our designers will create eye-catching ads that reflect your brand guidelines and appeal to the specific audience you’re targeting.

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Once your campaign is launched, we carefully monitor performance to ensure everything is dialed in just right. Our algorithms are backed up by daily human oversight to ensure performance and ROI. The Megethos programmatic display team knows how to make sense of large amounts of data to glean impactful insights others might overlook or misinterpret.

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Continuous improvement is the name of the game, and we play the game very well. We optimize everything, from audience and device targeting parameters to ad creative and copy, to ensure best results. Our focus is on creating scalable and sustainable programmatic display campaigns that improve MoM, QoQ, YoY, as long as they are running.

The Difference Between Megethos and Other Programmatic Ad Agencies

If you want to level-up your display advertising efforts, you’ve found the right partner. Leveraging cutting-edge technology with our data-driven, ROI-focused approach, Megethos provides the most advanced and effective programmatic display management services. We’ve built our programmatic team around best-in-class processes to achieve incredible results for our clients. Why Megethos? Simply put, we’re really good at what we do.

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Megethos DSP – Unlike other agencies that rely on Google’s Display Network (GDN) tool only, Megethos has an advanced programmatic platform that expands the reach and effectiveness of our managed display campaigns. The Megethos Demand-Side Platform (DSP) is our automated, omnichannel software solution that enables granular targeting and real-time media buys across the web.

Advanced Display Capabilities – The Megethos DSP also enables our team to deploy advanced programmatic display capabilities, including geofencing (targeting customers or prospects in or around a specific location), competitor search (targeting competitors’ brick and mortar locations to serve ads to frequent customers), and connected TV (serving ads to a target audience through connected TVs and platforms).

In-House Creative Services – Megethos is your one-stop-shop for all aspects of programmatic display, including ad creative. Programmatic advertising is driven by engaging imagery and dynamic ad types, which is why we’ve built a stellar design team to help our clients stand out and get noticed across the web, whenever and wherever their ads are served.

Some of Our Display Advertising Results

A lot of paid media management agencies talk big game, but we actually have the receipts to back up our claims. These case studies illustrate the levels of success we’ve been able to accomplish on behalf of our programmatic display clients, and give you a glimpse into the kind of results (and ROI) you can expect when you work with us.

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