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Data-Driven CRO Audits Through a User Experience Lens

The first question you probably asked when launching a website or paid media campaign is, “How do we maximize traffic?” Now you’re probably asking, “How do we get more of that traffic to convert?” Megethos can provide you with the answer.

A conversion rate optimization audit is a deep dive into your website or landing pages from the users’ perspective, backed by data and usability testing to pinpoint areas of improvement that can incrementally improve conversion rates. Although a CRO audit does not immediately increase conversions on its own, the discoveries made in the process will identify where prospects are falling by the wayside—and why—so you know what changes need to be made.

At Megethos, our CRO audits are powered by data and conducted by UX experts with a keen understanding of what makes users convert and what is likely to cause friction and frustration in the process. The aim of our CRO audits is to identify optimization strategies and CRO recommendations that will make more users want to take meaningful action on your website or landing page, whether that means filling out a form or making a purchase.

  • Deep CRO insights for real ROI impact
  • Data-driven, design-oriented, user-focused
  • In-depth audit findings and recommendations
  • Landing pages, websites, and more
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“Their integrity and flexibility stand out—they deliver on their promises and are willing to go the extra mile.”

-Shane Johnson, Membership Director, American Alpine Club

How We Tackle CRO Audits

We marry data and analytics with UX design and aesthetics to provide the most actionable, high-impact audits for our clients. Our specialty is paid landing page CRO, but we can perform an audit on any type of digital property you own—websites, microsites, portals, e-commerce stores, and more.

If there’s an action you want users to take, our CRO experts will take a close look to ensure there’s no friction between them and the point of conversion. More leads and revenue starts with more conversions, and the first step towards driving more conversions is a CRO audit from Megethos.


Historical Analysis

The first step is to determine how your page (or website) has performed in the past. This provides us with key performance benchmarks, as well as directing us to some quick wins that can improve completion rates of key events and conversions.

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UX Assessment

Next, our analysts will comb through every square inch of your landing page or website. They click on everything to go through every step a real visitor would to identify usability issues and poor UX elements that might frustrate users.

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Data Collection

Marrying analytics with heat mapping and screen recording technology, we comb through the data to tell us how users are moving through the conversion funnel, where they’re dropping off, where they’re getting stuck, and where the best improvements can be made to get more users to the finish line.

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Findings Report

In the last step, we put everything together in a detailed report that outlines what we found and, most importantly, what can be done to improve conversion rates. Our findings report serves as an all-in-one CRO roadmap, playbook, and strategy so you know the next steps to drive significant results.

Why Megethos?

There are plenty of user experience agencies that will take a look at your website or landing pages, but Megethos is different. Our rigorous approach, combined with our experience and proven results, gives you greater confidence that your audit is in the hands of true CRO experts.

We Know CRO – As a performance marketing agency that focuses on paid media management, conversions are the foundation of everything we do. That means we take CRO seriously, and we’ve built a team of experts who live and breathe to find opportunities to drive conversion rates through the roof. We use the latest CRO analysis tools and are well-versed in today’s CRO best practices. If you want to get in touch just to nerd out about CRO, we won’t stop you; in fact, we welcome any opportunity to discuss one of our favorite subjects.

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Data is in our DNA – Many agencies claim to be data-driven, but at Megethos we are data-obsessed. We live at the intersection between data and digital marketing to help our clients drive performance, profitability, and ROI. Thanks to our data literacy and analytics expertise, we are able to gather richer and deeper insights that lead to more impactful CRO recommendations. Our audits are not surface deep, but rather contain vast amounts of actionable data that pave the way for incredible CRO results.

We See the Big Picture – We view CRO through the lens of paid media and performance marketing as a whole, focusing on the entire conversion funnel from first click to goal completion and every interaction in between. Our ability to zoom out and see how your website or landing pages integrate with your full digital marketing strategy allows us to provide more impactful recommendations and insights that will have a net positive effect on your entire digital marketing ecosystem.

Case Studies Prove We Know CRO

If you’ve been struggling to turn traffic into leads or revenue, our team of CRO experts can help. These case studies illustrate how Megethos has helped businesses and brands like yours reap the benefits of conversion rate optimization for significant ROI.

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