A Proven Process to Increase Your ROI

Our PPC strategies are data-backed, delivering the best performance through continuous testing by experts who won’t rest until you see growth.

The Powerful Megethos Audit

Our audits are guaranteed to show you 3 things:

  1. Where you are wasted ad spend – and how to fix it
  2. Technical errors we see in 100% of accounts we audit
  3. How to increase your sales by 20%

50 Point PPC Audit

We guarantee we will uncover opportunities to improve your campaigns, then put a plan to prioritize them to generate massive ROI.

PPC Management Services

Megethos Process

We meticulously analyze your sales and lead data to increase your ROI based on your qualified leads, not just conversions.


Clear ROI Reporting

Every PPC agency has reporting & a real-time dashboard, but do they ever show your real ROI? At Megethos, you will never have to question it.

Your PPC Campaigns Can Do Better.

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