Case Study

425% Increase in Qualified Leads With CRO Testing for Solar Company.

EMT Solar

Industry: Solar Power

The Challenge

In the final two quarters of 2022 we continued to see a decrease in conversions and overall sales. This isn’t uncommon for a solar company to see sales slow down due to seasonality (Fall and Winter) in the Northeast, but the Megethos team took it as a challenge to increase lead flow in a commonly known down time.

The Analysis

Considering every option to increase conversions we used heat mapping and Google Analytics to help determine which page(s) was causing the most issues in harming conversions. The problem resided at the end of the conversion funnel on a form submission page. Diving deeper into KPIs with heat mapping and Google Analytics, we noticed that the audience that converted and exited the page the most was paid traffic. This additional data led us to identify three opportunities to improve performance.

The Solution

Paid Social Desktop A SECTION

Ad relevance

By looking at the primary source of traffic to the page, we are able to identify how relevant the page content was to what was first introduced to the user at the ad level. In this case, the ad copy was setting up slightly different expectations as to what they receive on the page. On the page, heat mapping and average page duration in GA for users showed very little engagement and time spent on the page. This data supported the theory of a problem with ad relevance which helped us shift the content to be in line with the sources of traffic to increase relevance to the user.

Benefit focused content

Though original content on the page was informative it was also “feature” focused and explained what their service did. By making the content focused on answering the problems their audience has and making it benefit focused, we worked more closely with the main traffic source with paid campaigns.

Reduce leaks

To help keep users engaged with the content and focused on the conversion action on the page, we reduced the page’s attention ratio (# of links to # of conversion actions). By bringing the ratio of the page down from 20:2 to 1:1, we were able to help increase conversions and lead quality.

The Results

In refining the pages and testing the changes to better accommodate paid traffic sources, we were able to increase total leads by 220% and 425% with qualified leads by increasing ad relevant content on the landing page. Through this test we were able to see a conversion rate (CVR) lift of 241%. At the same time it also helped paid campaigns by lowering cost per lead (CPL) by 32% period over period.

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Increase in Total Leads
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Increase in Qualified Leads
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MoM CVR Lift
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Decrease in CPL

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