PPC Case Study

Over $5.2M in Yearly Net Revenue Generated for an International Manufacturing Company

Good Start Packaging

Industry: Container Manufacturing
Location: Bedford, New Hampshire
Bio: Good Start Packaging is a compostable packaging company offering a wide selection of packaging products for the foodservice industry and have successfully maintained a 95% fulfillment rate, giving clients the tools they need to grow without causing unnecessary harm to the planet. Their focus is on making certified compostable foodservice packaging easily accessible to restaurants everywhere.

Date Range: May 2021 – May 2022 (compared to previous period)
Key Performance Metrics: Sales, Net Revenue, and Return on Ad Spend


The Challenge

During the first quarter of 2021, the cost per sale steadily increased while the conversion rate decreased. Inevitably this led the company to have less sales and overall net revenue. In addition, Good Start Packaging were looking for ways to continually expand their reach and scale further growth. The Megethos team was up for the challenge. So in April 2021, we began to develop a strategy to address these issues.


The Solution

Every and all options on the table were considered when determining how to best increase cost-effective sales and overall net revenue. We dove deep into all areas that may be causing the issues, from targeting to creative. During this review process, we identified three opportunities to help address our problems specifically.

Paid Social Desktop A SECTION

Google Smart Shopping

Google these days is continuing to push automation. One place this has become very apparent is with Google Shopping Ads. However, as with all new features, we like to test it first to see if it works. We worked closely with Good Start Packaging to ensure their shopping feed was organized and accurate as possible. The feed is the foundational piece that needs to be optimized to best leverage the Smart Shopping Ads. On top of this, we divided up the feed into several categories and then set them up to be able to quickly identify at the product level what was working and what wasn’t. Despite Google having most of the control on bidding and targeting, we were still able to successfully generate cost-effective sales with this setup. The results were more sales and even more net revenue than before.

Targeting Refinement

As always, data is paramount. Starting here we identified which keywords, device, ad schedule, geolocations, demographics, etc. were driving the most cost-effective sales and which ones were less effective. Then, by continually performing data-driven optimizations to drive cost-effective sales, we were able to make the most impactful adjustments to the segments.

Microsoft Ads Expansion

To help expand our reach and capture more cost-effective sales, we leveraged Microsoft Ads. By first establishing success on Google Ads, we quickly generated cost-effective sales on the new platform. These sales turned out to be even more cost-effective than the ones we were already getting with Google Ads. Moreover, these additional sales helped to drive more overall net revenue.

The Results

Increase in Total Sales YoY
0 %
( 0 )
Increase in Total Net Revenue YoY
0 %
($ 0 )
Return on Ad Spend (maintained above)
$ 0

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