PPC Case Study

64% YoY Lead Growth For Multi-Location, Multi-Brand Vision Centers


American Vision Partners

Industry: Medical, Vision & Eye Surgery
Location: 50+ Locations Throughout the Regional Southwest
A management services organization for ophthalmology companies in the Southwest United States.

The Challenge

American Vision Partner’s (AVP) goals were clear: cost effectively scale lead volume for their three main services, ophthalmology, LASIK, & cataract surgery. AVP’s challenge was their cost per lead was high due to struggling Quality Scores. In addition, they have over 50 locations, with several close together in the Phoenix-metro area and needed a strategy that reduced competition/cannibalizations from overlapping geo-targeting.

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Our Approach

We began with a thorough audit of AVP’s current account structure, Quality Score, and local strategy. The approach was based on a robust and granular local strategy to improve search experience, targeting high intent, local searchers.

To overcome the increasing cost per lead, we diagnosed the cause of the Quality Score weaknesses. This allowed us to double-down on opportunities to reduce cost per click on high-converting, high-volume keywords.

The Solution

SKAG Structure: To improve ad relevance, we implemented a robust Single Keyword Ad Group (SKAG) structure. This allowed us to be more granular with our ad copy, providing a unique, targeted, and localized experience to American Vision Partner’s audience.

Localization Strategy: Ensuring there was a local strategy was the key to our success with American Vision Partners. Every stage of the campaigns were built and optimized with local in mind:

  • City, State, Neighborhood Keyword Targeting
  • Zip Code & Bullseye Radius Geo-Targeting
  • Location Ad Extensions
  • Geo-Specific Ad Copy

Ad Copy Testing: Using unique ad copy for each individual keyword, we went further in improving the ad experience by several rounds of A/B testing, increasing CTR by 39%.

Quality Score Tracking: Utilizing Google Ads scripts, we tracked Account-level Quality score to see the impact our optimizations were making. Within 5 months, account-level Quality Score increased by 50%, cutting cost per click by 33%.

They’ve become an inextricable part of our team…They come prepared for meetings, and they are always available, extremely responsive, and attentive.“

– Joshua Harvey, Marketing Manager, American Vision Partners

The Results

The only part that matters – the results. Within just 5 months, our overall paid media strategy delivered a 64% increase in lead volume while reducing AVP’s cost per lead by 22% YoY. This can be attributed to our SKAG account structure, local strategy, and ad copy testing, reducing cost per click by 33% and increasing CTR by 39%.

Increase in lead volume
Decrease in cost per lead
Increase in CTR
Decrease in average cost per click

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