PPC Case Study

70% Enrollment Increase For Top Business School

[Redacted] University

Industry: Education
Location: United States
Bio: Business management university that believes in not just shaping the business leaders of tomorrow, they believe in being a world leading research institution that brings the right minds together to take on global challenges.

The Challenge

The university came to Megethos to generate cost-effective leads for several graduate level business programs and enroll more students.


The Solution

Megethos approached the campaign goals with a data-driven approach and years of experience in higher education: utilizing Google Analytics behavior data, intent-driven keyword research, and a granular targeting approach to not only generate new leads, but track through the application process and optimize for enrolled students.


SKAG Structure

To ensure the most relevant ad was shown to each searcher, a Single Keyword Ad Group (SKAG) structure was implemented. The SKAG structure not only helped increase click-through rate (CTR) with more relevant ads, but also improved Google Quality Score, lowering cost per click and improving average ad position. This generated relevant traffic at a more cost-effective rate than before.

Full-Funnel Bidding

Using Megethos’s full-funnel tracking, the team was able to track and analyze keywords and audiences that generated the optimal cost per accepted student. This allowed for high quality targeted bidding – increasing keyword and audience bids that generated the highest acceptance rates. This differentiator allows for the team to maximize results for the university that matter most – qualified applicants that become accepted students.

Program Segmentation

With several graduate programs targeting prospective students from different skill sets, work experience, and goals, Megethos segmented campaigns and budgets by each program. This allowed Megethos to not only allocate budget directly to a program, but also specific demographic and behavioral audience targeting. For programs requiring 10+ years of experience, Megethos was able to exclude younger audiences that wouldn’t have the required experience and specifically target experienced professionals. This drastically improved applicant quality based on the program being marketed.

The Results

Increase in Leads YoY
0 %
Decrease in CPA YoY
0 %
Increase in enrolled students from PPC
0 %
Decrease in cost per enrolled student from PPC
0 %

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