PPC Case Study

$845k Generated In Closed Deal Value In 1 Year Via Multi-Channel Strategy

Date Range: Aug 2020 – Aug 2021
Metrics: Impressions, Clicks, Leads, CPL, Deals, Deal Value, Return on Ad Spend


Industry: Automatic Speech Recognition
Location: San Francisco, CA
Bio: Deepgram has reinvented Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) with a complete, deep learning model that allows companies to get faster, more accurate transcription, resulting in more reliable data sets — on-prem or in the cloud. And we do it all with lower hardware and usage costs so we’re a hell of a lot more scalable than big tech players.

The Challenge

Deepgram came to Megethos with limited paid media marketing history and asked us to create and implement a multi-channel strategy to promote the brand to relevant B2B audiences. Their goals for us were to generate highly qualified leads and acquire new business.


Our Approach

Given we were essentially starting from scratch, it was imperative we understood our target audience as well as developed strategies for establishing that audience on various platforms. This was accomplished through our thorough keyword research process, working closely with the client, and high volume testing. 

As we established our target audiences, we decided to leverage LinkedIn as a major part of our strategy, as this platform, with the proper setup, can yield qualified and cost effective B2B leads. Complimenting this with search and display helped round out our efforts in moving each potential customer down the funnel.

The Solution

Strategy by Channel:

  • Display – Generated brand awareness promoting top of funnel content while also re-engaging with those already familiar with Deepgram using Google display ads. 
  • Paid Social – Promoted consideration phase type content to top of funnel audiences as well as those already familiar with Deepgram using lead gen form ads, carousel ads, and conversation ads on LinkedIn
  • Paid Search – Used to capture those searching for solutions Deepgram offered with a Non-Brand Keyword strategy as well as those already familiar with Deepgram with a branded keyword strategy. 

The Results

The results speak for themselves. Within one year’s time, our multi-channel strategy resulted in over 63 million impressions, 1,333 marketing qualified leads via paid social, and 390 bottom of funnel leads on paid search. This approach allowed us to assist at every step of the sales journey, ultimately resulting in 12 closed won deals, valuing $845,897 in revenue for Deepgram. Having the channels connected with the client’s HubSpot (CRM) was also integral in our efforts to maximize qualified and cost-effective leads.

Deal Values for All Channels Combined

Total Deals
Total Deal Value
$ 0
Return on Ad Spend
0 %

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