PPC Case Study

Adventure Company Sees 8:1 Return on Ad Spend

Double Dutch


Industry: Tours & Adventures
Location:  Honolulu, HI
A travel company on the island of Oahu with tours showing the beautiful island. 

The Challenge

The client had been seeing their paid media channels grow increasingly expensive and did not have the internal resources to dedicate to turning the campaigns around. Our audit findings showed a clear lack of strategy and consistency in optimizing their Google Ads campaigns and were under-utilizing Facebook ads.

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“Our audit was thorough, we went over the data several times to create a plan on how we could reach their goals.”

– Jacob Orona, Megethos Paid Media Analyst

Our Approach

Upon meeting with the client, we immediately performed our Megethos audit – finding several opportunities to improve performance. Based on the audit, we were able to come to a lofty, but well-calculated goal of reducing their cost per booking by 55% in 6 months.

The Solution

Campaign Restructure:  We started off by restructuring their campaigns to implement more targeted keyword match types and proper campaign tracking.

PPC Dedicated Landing Pages: The second biggest opportunity we found was the landing pages that the campaigns were being sent to. Based on our analysis of the top performing pages of their website, we designed a high converting landing page with ongoing A/B testing for continuous improvement – immediately increasing conversion rate by 10%.

Integrated Approach: We used Facebook ads to create awareness for people who were likely traveling to Hawaii -then captured their searches using RLSA campaigns – growing their sales by 20%. This provided a full-funnel paid media strategy.

homepage our scientific approach

The Results

There was a lot of complexity in this media plan, but it was worth every late night of planning. If there was anything we took away from this, it’s that our audits are freakishly accurate in the opportunity we discover.  Within the first 6 months of our plan in place, the campaigns saw a 57% increase in Return On Ad Spend. Not only did we cut a significant amount of ad spend, there was a 20% lift in tour bookings. The end result? An impressive 822% ROAS, the best return the client had seen in 3 years of campaigns.
Decrease In Cost-per-Click
Increase In ROAS
Increase In Sales

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