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AeroCare Sees an 18% Increase in Revenue While Saving $112k in Just 3 Months



Industry: Air Ambulance Location: Scottsdale, AZ Bio: AeroCare is an award winning leader of worldwide air ambulance and commercial medical escort service.
Conversion rate is up 58!!! We are thrilled. We are excited to see what the future holds and working with this elite team
– Jennifer Et-Zel Director of Sales, AeroCare

The Challenge

AeroCare came to us with an abundance of data and a Google Ads account spending over $100k per month for several years. Their goal? To reduce their monthly spend with Google while increasing their lead volume. This is a common goal we hear from new clients. However, AeroCare had 3 main challenges when we discussed their paid media plan. First, competition for air ambulances had increased significantly over the last 3 years – driving up click costs. Second, the need for more leads was becoming more difficult to achieve with the current targeting. Lastly, the campaigns had low conversion rates due to a poor landing page experience – again driving up costs.
AeroCare Cuts $112k in Spend & Increases Revenue 18%
“After several meetings with the AeroCare team we realized the success they have built over 25 years came from personalized and compassionate customer service. We learned that every case is unique – we did everything we could to implement that approach to the campaigns”
– Keegan Brown, Megethos CEO

Our Approach

Our approach began with understanding the intent of their audience and improving the entire user experience from the search query to conversion. This started with making sure all ad and landing page copy were consistent and relevant with the searchers intent, location, language, and device.

The Solution

Dynamic PPC Landing Pages: In efforts to increase conversion rate, lower cost per acquisition, and improve quality score, we implemented PPC dedicated landing pages to begin A/B testing for their top campaigns. In this case, we went a step further and implemented dynamic content based on their search query to increase the relevance throughout their experience.

Spanish Search Campaign: To grow lead volume for AeroCare, we expanded our reach by targeting Central and South America with Spanish keywords, ad copy, and landing pages. This localized the experience to non-English searchers.

Time of Day Specific Ad Copy: Due to the urgent nature of AeroCare’s service, people are searching their keywords 24 hours a day with the need to speak with someone. To improve conversion rates and to shorten the quote process, we created automated rules to switch out ad copy in the evenings to drive phone calls, letting searchers know a Case Manager is available 24/7.

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The Results

Our favorite part – the results. After just 3 months, AeroCare’s campaigns transformed. The time specific ads and dynamic landing pages increased conversion rates by 58%, allowing us to increase aggressiveness on the top performing keywords. Next the Spanish campaigns allowed us to capture an additional market with much less competition – adding to the 33% increase in lead volume at half the cost per lead. Each of these tactics contributed to an increase in efficiency of cost per click, cutting AeroCare’s media spend by $112,000 in 3 months. With the increase in lead volume, there was an 18% lift in revenue. All in all, the campaigns generated an 83% increase in ROI.

Media Cost Saved
Lift in Conversion Rate
Increase in ROI
Increase in Lead Volume

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