PPC Case Study

E-commerce company sees 168% increase in shopping ad revenue during first month



Industry: Outdoor Kitchen and furniture; E-commerce
Bio: Grillscapes’ Founder Andy Ligon founded Grillscapes because he believed he could provide a better service to his fellow outdoor kitchen enthusiasts than the vast majority of local dealers and online retailers. He built the foundation of the business upon a single shared passion for happy customers.

The Challenge

Grillscapes’ goal was straightforward, to steadily increase revenue and keep ROAS (return on ad spend) high. Although Grillscapes’ business was already doing well before becoming our client, they felt they were not reaching their full potential In terms of scaling paid media revenue. With the right marketing strategy and communication, they knew they could take their business to the next level, and that’s where we came in.


Our Approach

Our team began by meeting with Grillscapes to get a complete understanding of their goals. Then, after making sure the whole team was on the same page and setting expectations, our senior analyst conducted a comprehensive audit of all of their campaigns. 

Through our team’s deep campaign analysis, we saw the shortfalls of previous campaign strategy and found room for improvement. Our analysts immediately noticed that search campaigns were taking up too much budget while also wasting money on irrelevant search terms. Additionally, low performing and low AOV (average order value) products were eating up spend while high ROAS products were being left in the dust.

Our Strategy

Our analyst dove deep into historical data during the audit and found that shopping campaigns were most cost-effective, held the highest ROAS and still had room for improvement in other areas. As a result, our team carried out a restructure of the account, branching out the four top-performing brands into separate campaigns. In addition, we allocated 80% of ad spend over to shopping campaigns that were previously being spent on search. By prioritizing top-performing brands and shifting the majority of spend to shopping campaigns, we could gain more control and have better insights over specific products, as well as maximize the potential for revenue growth. Finally, we made technical adjustments including bidding strategy changes and location/demographic targeting within the highest impactful shopping campaigns. This allowed us to dial in to our key audiences and take the campaigns to the next level for driving higher return on ad spend.  

The Results

Our team communicated progress with the client on a weekly basis, making sure they were in the loop throughout the entire process. After just one month of the restructured shopping campaigns going live, Grillscapes saw their shopping ad revenue increase by 168%, while simultaneously seeing a 40% lift in return on ad spend (ROAS) overall. 

Similarly, from January to February 2022, Grillscapes’ overall Google Ads revenue increased by 80%. Whereas, prior to working with Megethos, Google Ads revenue decreased by 14% during those same months in 2021.

Shopping Ad Revenue Increase
0 %
Lift On Ad Spend (ROAS)
0 %
Overall Google Ads Revenue Increase
0 %

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