Programmatic Display Ads Case Study

Ecommerce Website See’s 72% Increase in ROAS

Ecommerce Site

Industry: International Ecommerce
Location: Seattle, WA
A B2C Ecommerce website selling a variety of bike products internationally.

“They immediately optimized that number to $13 per acquisition, and has recently gotten it down to $7–$8.”
– Keith Eneix CEO

The Challenge

The client came to Megethos as they were struggling to optimize their Google Ads campaigns to a profitable level. What was profitable? A $13 cost per sale on their site – something that had not happened in the history of their campaigns. In addition, we were tasked with increasing sales volume.

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“We were as aggressive as the clients goals – making significant changes to address quality score and click costs making it a riskier than normal, but fun strategy.”

– Keegan Brown, Megethos CEO

Our Approach

For this particular client, we started with a deep dive audit of their Google Ads account to find exactly what was working well and what wasn’t. Based on this audit we put together a detailed plan first to reduce the cost per sale, then scale the campaigns to grow sales volume.

The Solution

Campaign Restructure: In efforts to increase quality score and improve the ease of optimization we restructured the campaigns. This immediately improve quality score and reduced cost per click.

Keyword Bids: We implemented our ROI driven keyword bid strategy – we significantly reduced aggressiveness on under-performing keywords and scaled up bids on the top 10 keywords driving 80% of sales.

Growth: Once we were able to get the cost per sale down to a profitable level, we implemented Megethos’ very own growth projects – including an international search campaign and an aggressive remarketing campaign.

homepage our scientific approach

The Results

We delivered on the clients goals and then some. Not only did we get the cost per sale below the $13 per sale, we were able to do it almost overnight and continued to decrease that metric to $7 (thanks to a 52% decrease in cost per click). Even crazier, the campaigns increased sales volume by 84% due to the budget efficiency and the implementation of our growth projects. Needless to say, the client was pleased with the results.
Decrease in Cost-per-click
Increased ROAS
Sales Volume Increase

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