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Law Firm Cost per Case Reduced by 40%

Law Firm

Industry: Law Firm
Location: Memphis, TN
As with most law firms, case volume was the priority. The good news is lead volume was high, however there was a low conversion rate from lead to case – signaling opportunity to improve lead quality. Because the client was able to give us quick feedback on quality, we were able to optimize in almost real-time. The graph above clearly shows that not only were the most calls coming in at 11 AM, they were also the most qualified. This was just the start of optimizations that lead to a 20% increase in case volume in just 6 months.

The Challenge

The client was getting well over 100 leads per month but wanted more cases. This established law firm came to us with with years of campaign data – already showing growth and improvements along the way. This isn’t a “quick win” case study. Our analysts thoroughly audited the campaigns to see what could be done.With the volume of data we had we concluded there was 1 key solution: optimizing for lead quality.
“Receiving near real-time feedback on lead quality was crucial to the success of the campaign.”

– Keegan Brown, Megethos CEO

Our Approach

Our approach is one that we establish with all of our clients: tracking leads all the way through their journey and optimize along the way. This was no different. We implemented an integrated paid media strategy to deliver results.

The Solution

Megethos Tracking: Using call tracking software we thoroughly analyzed their data on a bi-weekly basis to determine which keywords, channels, and ads were generating quality phone calls for their firm.

Dynamic Search Ads: To maximize the targeting opportunity, we used Dynamic Search Ads to allow Google to comb through the various landing pages of the different cases they handled. This allowed us to find new, high performing keywords to add to more relevant campaigns and optimized accordingly.

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The Results

The client wouldn’t let us get away with anything less than spectacular. Just the way we like it. After analyzing phone call quality we were able to shift budget and optimizations towards times of the day that produced the most qualified leads. This first analysis alone increased lead to case conversion rate by 7% – rinse and repeat – 6 months later there was a total 20% increase in monthly case volume.

Case Volume Increase
Cost Per Case
Cost Per Case Decrease

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