Programmatic Display Ads Case Study

Heap Sees Over 3x Lead Volume Increase



Industry: SaaS
Location: San Francisco, CA
Heap is a leader in product analytics with auto-capture technology.

“Megethos has been a pleasure to work with…we were able to increase account performance by 1.4x“

– George Fang, Growth Marketing Manager, Heap

The Challenge

Heap was using AdRoll as their Display ad network, which was leading to very high cost per lead and low lead volume. Signing on with Megethos, we helped optimize those efforts until gaining enough trust to move them to the Megethos Programmatic DSP. Their ultimate goal was to reduce cost per lead and increase lead volume through their Display Advertising.
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“We knew that their remarketing audience was significantly large enough, but dove deeper and understood that they were in different stages of the buyer’s journey. This idea allowed us to segment and optimize based on higher intent, lower-funnel prospects familiar with the brand that we knew would generate great results.“

– Andrew Hollington, Megethos Director of Strategy

Our Approach

To get the client the results they were looking for and expecting from their Display Advertising, we knew we had to eventually move them onto our DSP where we had full control over the audience targeting and segmentation. We had seen similar results for clients before, so we just had to gain that trust and pitch the solution. To get there, we utilized their current platform for a few months and showed small but impressive results through optimizations. Once we got sign off for moving to our DSP, we knew the client would see impressive results. The results below were in only the second month of moving to our DSP and were compared to the previous year’s results utilizing similar Display tactics.

The Solution

Segmented Audience Targeting: We broke out remarketing audiences based on their intent on the website. The lowest intent bucket of users were those that visited the homepage, but we also knew this would be the largest group. The next bucket were those who visited the solutions page, which we targeted with solutions-focused display creative. Another group were the price shoppers who visited the pricing page, so we segmented them as well, expecting them to have high intent as they got this far in the funnel. Finally, we bucketed the audience group who abandoned the signup process, which is the B2B lead generation comparison to an ecommerce shopping cart abandonment.

Segmented by Device: In addition to the different audience intents, we also broke out campaigns by device, knowing that performance would drastically change between mobile and desktop.

Budget Optimization: These two segments allowed us to optimize the client’s Display budget very granularly based on performance by intent and device. We used the first month to test these segments and gather data, while making the optimizations for the following month now that we had some data to analyze and optimize on.

The Results

All of these preparations lead to some impressive results for the client’s Display efforts. We compared January 2020 (Megethos DSP) vs. January 2019 (AdRoll) for the following results. We saw a 45% increase in click-through-rate, which we attribute to getting in front of the different intent-based audiences. Most impressively, we saw a 384% increase in lead volume for content downloads and platform signups compared to the previous year. This resulted in a 65% decrease in cost per lead.

Increase in CTR
Increase in Lead Volume
Decrease in Cost per Lead

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