PPC Case Study

Revenue Doubles for Air Ambulance Company while Cutting Cost per Lead in Half



Industry: Medical/Aviation
Location: United States
Bio: AirCARE1 is a medical air ambulance company specializing in long-range, air-based medical transport utilizing a fleet of Learjet aircraft and a team of Commercial Medical Escorts. Between these two medical transportation options, they can transport patients worldwide to reach the specialized medical treatments they need.

Date Range: March 2021 – March 2022
Key Performance Metrics: Leads, Cost per lead, Conversion Rate, Booked Flights, & Flight Revenue


The Challenge

During the fourth quarter of 2020 and early 2021, the cost per lead steadily increased while the conversion rate decreased. Inevitably this led the company to have less qualified leads and overall deal value. In addition, AirCARE1 was having issues with lead quality and continually getting booked flights from ads. The Megethos team knew something had to change. So in February 2021, we began to develop our strategy to address these issues.

The Solution

We left no rock unturned to improve conversion rate and increase quality leads. We dove deep into all areas that may be causing the issue, from tracking to seasonality. During this review process, we identified three opportunities to help address our problems specifically.
Paid Social Desktop A SECTION

Landing Page Testing

Landing pages are one of the most impactful tools to increase conversion rates. At Megethos, we strive to make the experience from search to form fill as seamless as possible. We are continually performing a/b tests to hone in on what helps drive the most qualified leads. These tests are developed after understanding the company, services being offered, and the target audience.

Targeting Refinement

Data is key. Here we can see what keywords, device, ad schedule, geolocations, demographics, etc., are driving the most leads and sucking us dry. Then, by continually performing data-driven optimizations to drive cost-effective leads in mind, we can make the most impactful adjustments to the ads.

Microsoft Ads Expansion

To help expand our reach and capture more leads, we leveraged Microsoft Ads. By first establishing success on Google Ads, we quickly generated quality, cost-effective leads on the new platform. These leads turned out to be even more cost-effective than the ones we were already getting with Google Ads. Moreover, these additional leads helped to drive other flights and revenue.

The Results

Increase in Leads YoY
0 %
Decrease in CPL YoY
0 %
Increase in CR YoY
0 %
Increase in Booked Flights
0 %
Booked Flights Revenue Increase
0 %

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