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Daniel Dannenberg

Creative Manager

Dan D photo
Dan D photo


For almost 15 years, Daniel has enjoyed learning as much as he can about different avenues of design with a wayfinding internship at a museum, as a graphic designer, UX designer, CRO specialist, illustrator, Art Director, web designer and a Creative Manager. He loves to expand his design footprint and challenge himself while collaborating with awesome teams and clients.

When Daniel isn’t designing, he’s probably running amok with his family. Getting away from a computer and getting outdoors to camp with his wife and kids has always been a priority (especially if its on the beach!). Outside of his family Daniel is a music fan and loves finding something new to listen too.

Top 3 Favorite Destinations
  • The beach
  • Camping anywhere
  • Somewhere with good food
Top Favorite Movies
  • Real Genius
  • Dr. Strange
  • John Wick films
Top Favorite Bands
  • The Avalanches
  • Fugazi
  • Other Lives
  • Elliot Smith
  • Underworld
  • Pernice Brothers
  • Machines of Loving Grace

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