making money with ppc

Making Money with PPC

Pay-per-click marketing, or PPC, is one of the leading ways to grow your business and increase sales in 2021.  How important is PPC?  32% of companies use PPC to sell products directly to consumers, 65% of small-to-medium businesses are currently running PPC campaigns, and worldwide, businesses spent over 104 billion dollars on search advertising last…

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Why Choose a Niche Paid Media Agency

Why is sending Paid Traffic to Your Home Page a Bad Idea?

The landing page. It’s an essential component of any PPC (pay-per-click) strategy. Many digital marketers consistently use a site’s homepage as their landing page, a sort of “catch-all” technique.  We contend that using one page as a landing page in response to all queries is a poorly conceived approach, and quite honestly, lazy. In contrast,…

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Why Choose a Niche Paid Media Agency?

At first glance, a full-service agency may be tempting over a niche agency. This is mainly due to perceived convenience. Communication volume is lessened, and most marketing queries can be answered by one point person at a full-service agency. But, does this strategy work for most skilled trades and functions? Would you hire a generalist…

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How to use competitor conquesting to improve your ppc performance

How to Use Competitor Conquesting to Improve your PPC Performance

What are our competitors doing that we aren’t?  It’s a question you likely ask yourself as a marketer. While, in many cases, following in the footsteps of competitors can be seen as unoriginal, or not innovative there is one area that you should always be worried about what your competition is doing. Search. There is…

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The Makings of a PPC Landing Page that converts

The Makings of a PPC Landing Page that Converts

Your landing page is the metaphorical sales representative of your online experience and it can seal the deal if you provide a winning experience to your leads.  If you are using a pay-per-click advertising platform Google Adwords to achieve a conversion goal, your ad rank will be more successful if you are offering a well-optimized…

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Does PPC Really Work

Does PPC Really Work?

Some PPC providers have given PPC a bad rap.  Too often we notice companies hesitate to make the commitment to devote budget to PPC due to misunderstanding or past run-ins with ineffective and costly agencies.  We’re writing today to address that perception.   At Megethos, it pains us when someone says “PPC doesn’t really work” because…

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PPC Project Management: 6 Essential Roles

What does it take to effectively manage a large-scale paid media campaign? Every enterprise program has unique needs and may manage their programs differently. But, one thing that doesn’t change across organizations is the need for a team of talented people to accomplish paid media success.   Building that team and stacking it with the…

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PPC Keyword Research 101: Four Sources You Should Be Leveraging

PPC Keyword Research 101: Four Sources You Should Be Leveraging Welcome to class everyone. Today’s topic of discussion will be Keyword Research: The process by which you determine which keywords to use with your Google Ads. There will be no quiz at the end, but if you master this topic, your PPC world ranking will…

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